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Personal Information

July 15th, 2009 4 comments

I’ve been doing quite a bit of surfing around the Web lately. Much of my Internet activity has involved checking out a lot of other blogs because that’s a good excuse to not do anything useful. Shalampaxians never need a specific excuse to not do anything useful, but I like to pretend I’m busy so no one will even think to ask me to do any more work around here.

In my Web surfing expeditions, it has come to my attention that a number of people use their blogs to reveal personal information—the trials and tribulations of their lives, their surefire health tips, their diseases, their fine mental fettle, their psychoses, their relationships, their lack of relationships, their jobs, their lack of jobs, their loves, their hates … whatever.

Strange though seems it is to me, and possibly to you, there appears to be a market for that sort of bullshit. And if we are about anything here at Shalampax Speaks, we’re about bringing traffic to our blog and making money.

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