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Rogue Wave

November 25th, 2009 4 comments

As all Shalampaxians know, a rogue wave struck our island yesterday. Not only did it wash over our plateau, but the wave reached right up to the third floor of our building.

Fortunately, our bullet-proof windows and the building’s waterproofing held, so there was no water damage. However, the building shook so much when the wave hit that the contents of many cupboards and shelves ended up on the floor. The result was a lot of broken dishes.

Until The Shalampax Department Store is able to get a new supply of tableware, many people will have to share plates and glasses during meals. Or they can eat directly off the table and drink from the bottle.

There was an upside to this rogue wave. Hundreds of fish were beached on the top of our plateau. In addition, a humpback whale was wedged between two palm trees.

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